The Ultimate Spot For Crispy Jalebis In Gurgaon

If you have a sweet tooth, your first instinct may be to grab a piece of chocolate or some ice cream but if warm crispy Jalebis dipped in chashni is what you live for, it’s time to take a trip down this bygone lane in Old Gurgaon. The origin of this dish can be followed back to ancient times when it was called Kundalika. You can even find references to it in antiquated cookbooks dating as far back as the thirteenth century. In the mid-1900s it was utilized to hold ice cream and was also considered a remedy for headaches. Who needs a better excuse than this to feast on some yummy jalebis?

Sardar jalebi wala has never seen a single dull moment, people from all over Gurgaon and Delhi come here for the special jalebis priced at just Rs. 180/Kg. In between the narrow lanes of Sadar Bazar in Gurgaon lies this hidden gem. Even though the shop is hidden behind a huge tree, the fragrance of the jalebis will take you right to its doorstep.

The 71-year-old sweet shop in Sadar Bazaar is swarmed by hundreds of customers every single day. One of the oldest sweet shops in Gurgaon, it was established by Sardar Ram Singh and Sardar Arjun Singh in the year 1947. It is now inherited by 72-year-old Sardar Jagmohan Singh who is the third gen of the family.

Image Source – Zomato



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