The Ultimate Kitchen Infographic To Take You Through Cooking In A Jiffy

How many cups in one milliliter? How many milliliters in one tablespoon? Which meat cut deserves a spot in the grill and which one gets to sit on a pan? How many months does that frozen cod survive in the freezer? Will the steak live longer? We often Google our brains out with these questions. Because lets face it, the kitchen and cooking goes way beyond just knowing at what temperature water boils.

Visually totally gets it. The folks over there understand that there are months old frozen ish snoozing in our refrigerator – which, by the way is a total mess. Because, leftovers. This God-sent infographic takes you through the A to Z of the kitchen shenanigans – right from boiling water to stacking your fridge right.

Take our word, and gift yourself a framed print out of this infographic this Christmas.