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The Two Black Men Arrested At Starbucks Will Receive Full College Tuition


Last month, people around the world were shocked when Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson were arrested in a Philadelphia Starbucks supposedly since they hadn’t bought anything. This incident proved that racism is still alive and well in the “melting pot” of the world.

Now, Rashon and Donte have reportedly settled with both Starbucks and the city of Philadelphia (coincidently, for just $1 as a symbolic gesture). Starbucks CEO, Kevin Johnson, and the two men released a joint statement saying they had settled for an undisclosed sum.

However, along with the financial settlement, Starbucks will also pay for Rashon and Donte to complete their undergraduate degree through Arizona State University. Starbucks has a partnership in place with the university that allows employees to earn a degree online while working at the chain.

“I want to thank Donte and Rashon for their willingness to reconcile,” Johnson said. “I welcome the opportunity to begin a relationship with them to share learnings and experiences.”

Nelson and Robinson also settled with the city of Philadelphia for a symbolic $1 each, as well as a promise by the city to put $200,000 toward a program for young entrepreneurs. “We thought long and hard about it, and we feel like this is the best way to see that change that we want to see,” Robinson said.

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