The Team That Brought Us The Impossible Burger Is Planning On Making A Vegan Steak Next

Plant-based options have grown increasingly popular in the last couple of years (even if Piers Morgan throws a fit about it). Gordon Ramsay even created a ‘Beet Wellington’ in honor of Veganuary (imagine that)! Now, Impossible Foods, the creators of the Impossible Burger are planning on taking things to the next level, and creating a vegan steak!

While we’re not hating on the Impossible burger, plant-based burgers have been around for decades (literally), however, some would say a steak is a bit of a ‘tougher’ option. But, it looks as though it isn’t fazing CEO and Founder of Impossible Foods, Pat Brown who is looking at it as a challenge.

Speaking to The Spoon, Brown said, “When we started building the technology platform, we were not focused on ground beef. That was a strategic choice when we wanted to pick the product that we felt would have the maximum disruptive impact relevant to our mission. But meanwhile, the things we learned about meat flavor, a lot of them are extremely broadly applicable. We’re starting to think about bringing together some of the research threads … to work on what are called ‘whole cuts’ of beef — which is like slices and steaks and stuff like that.”

“The next categorically new product that we’ll launch is almost certainly going to be like a beef steak,” Brown said. “It has huge symbolic value… If we can make an awesomely delicious world-class steak … it will be very disruptive not just to the beef industry, but to other sectors of the meat industry.” While a definitive timeline of when the vegan steak will be released it yet to be announced we’re sure that vegans around the world are jumping for joy at the news!


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