The Tale Of The Catloaf and The Pugloaf


Would you eat a dog? Of course not! Unless, of course it comes in the form of this adorable Pugloaf that’s taken over internet users’ hearts across the world.


This lifelike creation was baked by Lou Lou P’s Delights, an artisanal bakery based in the UK. The name ‘Pugloaf’ came about because pugs have a habit of curling themselves up to look like a loaf of bread (their colour helps their disguise).

Lou Lou P used a pliable dough to create both the dog’s body and tail and edible food dust to shape the face and those oh so adorable eyes. To bake the body together, two baking tins were placed side by side.

Previously, Lou Lou P became known across the internet for her magnificent cat loaf which – yes, you guessed it – was a loaf of bread that resembled a cat with its paws tucked in.



Looks adorably delicious doesn’t it? Keep an eye on Lou Lou P’s Facebook page for more fun baked goods; you never know when you’ll need a loaf of bread that looks like an animal handy!