The Sushi Donut Is Back And Now It Weighs 16 Pounds

You might remember the sushi donut for its rampant popularity last year, however, it’s back, and it’s bigger and better! Wave Asian Bistro & Sushi in Mount Dora, California, collaborated with HellthyJunkFood to create a gargantuan 16-pound sushi donut, and then they invited some semi-professional competitive eaters to have a go at finishing it!

You can check out exactly how the donut has been constructed below (spoiler alert: it is bound to make you extremely hungry, and crave sushi).

The completed sushi donut clocked in an enormous 7,680 calories, and lord help us, it looked mighty delicious! Check out Nathan Figueroa and Nick Dompierre try to best this beast.

If you want to try out the massive sushi donut, you may actually get the chance as Wave is trying to figure out a way to offer it up in the future, hence you may be able to try it during challenges or on demand. However, be prepared to pony up for the unique experience because just the actual food involved in the challenge comes to over $200 so, not exactly a budget op!