The Streets of Paris Come Alive With The French Box from Café Noir

Two years ago, I had the opportunity to visit the beautiful city of Paris, or as the French would say it, Pah-rhee. When my train arrived at the central station in Paris, I got off to only be greeted by an aroma like no other. The air was filled with the scent of freshly baked croissants and bread and passer-bys stopped to grab their morning croissant and coffee and made their way on to work. 

Me, the tourist, grabbed a croissant ( I don’t like coffee) and sat on the bench and watched the life of Paris, bustling by me. I bit into the fluffy and soft croissant and I knew, I was definitely in Paris. I savoured every bite of my croissant and over the next two days, had a food journey of a lifetime. I knew then why Paris was known as the food capital of the world. 


Now, two years later, I have yet to meet a croissant that has invigorated in me feelings like the croissant that fateful morning. And frankly, I had given up on the notion, till my next visit to Paris. Fate had other plans. Last week, Cafė Noir announced the start of their French Box service. The authentic French restaurant will deliver you a French breakfast to ensure the perfect start of your day. Naturally, I picked the box of 6 French Croissants and waited anxiously, reminiscing and hoping that my croissant dreams would be fulfilled. 

The Ordering: 

I used their site to order the box of croissants. The French box can be ordered on a one to one basis or on a subscription bases of weekly or monthly. Once you select your choice of breakfast which ranges from Viennese box (croissants, pains au chocolate, Brioches au sucre) to French Macarons box to Pastry Box and a Tea Time Box that contains Marble cakes, Brownies, Cookies and Muffins. Did we also mention that there is a Quiche box which is next on our list to order. 


The site is fairly simple to use and easy to understand. Pick your box, pick the time you would like it to be delivered, from 7 am to 12 pm, and pick the date from today to anytime in the month. We picked, paid and voila, you’re box of French goodies is ready to be delivered. 

The Box: 

The box was promptly delivered at 10.30 am like we requested. Beautifully packaged n a white box that had the skyline of Paris printed on it. We knew we were in for the perfect start of the day. 


The Croissants: 

Café Noir promises that the goodies are baked fresh every day as the Box clearly states. As soon as I opened the box, I was greeted with the aroma that I so longingly hoped for. It took me back to the streets of Paris, where I stepped off the train station and was welcomed by the same fragrance. I took my croissant, sat down on the bean bag, took a bite and had to consciously remind myself that it was office and a moan, wouldn’t be so appropriate. The croissant was fresh, fluffy and was even better than I imagined. The butter was just the right amount and although the box was delivered at 10.30 am, was fresh enough not to be microwaved again. 

The Verdict: 

After years of pining for the croissant that started my Paris food journey , I can safely say, that maybe a plain ticket to Europe might not be as coveted as I thought. With Café Noir’s French Box, there is a piece of Paris delivered right to my doorstep.