The Streets Of Bengaluru Serves Up The Best In Sweets


We have traveled far and wide to experience the goodness that comes from hogging on delicious sweets on the roads of Bengaluru. We’ve had some good experience with traditional street food fares like chaat and rolls. But, for us, sweets have significantly been a hit or miss. 

Although there have been several misses, there are a few places in Bengaluru which has helped us with our insatiable appetite for sweets. 

1. KC Das, St. Marks Road

KC Das serves up the best in Bengali sweet specialities. Although they have savoury items on the menu, we usually go here to taste the wonders of their sweets. From Sandesh, Mishti Doi and a creamy Rasamalai, there are no limits to what you can find on their menu. The best item on the menu and what we thoroughly recommend is there Roshogollos. 


2. Kartik’s Mithai Shoppe, Indira Nagar

Although Kartik’s Mithai Shoppe is famous for its chole bhature (it gets sold out within a few hours) their sweets are as equally good. The item on the menu that caught our fancy is their besan saun papdi. The saun papdi is made with fresh, home-made ghee and melts in your mouth before you even get a chance to chew. 



3. Patiala Lassi, Sanjay Nagar

As the name could have given you a clue, Patiala Lassi serves….lassis. We’ve had many variations of lassis and this is quite possibly right at top of lassi stalls in Bengaluru. The best lassi we’ve had at Patiala is their masala lassi. Although lassis are mostly sweet, this one has the right mix of spices and creamy goodness to cool down your stomach. 


4. Kulfi and More, Koramangala 

Kulfis are one of our personal favourites. All the 5-star desserts, baked cheesecakes and caramel fudge sundae doesn’t hold a candle to the absolute delicious kulfis served up at Kulfi and More. They have several varieties of kulfis, including rabri kulfi, kesar badam kulfi and pista kulfi. Our favourite here is definitely the traditional malai kulfi. 

malai kulfi

5. Jodhpur Sweets, Koramangala

Jodhpur Sweets is famous for their parathas and savoury items but what we had at the end of our meal took us to a whole another level of sweetness. The fresh Jalebis oozing with ghee served up here is the best in town, trust us. We should know because we have travelled the streets of Bengaluru to find that perfectly made Jalebi.