The Secret Behind Television Star Karan Singh Grover’s Ripped Form

5 years back Star One bedazzled every living Indian teen with a show called ‘Dill Mill Gaye’ and along with it came the good-at-heart badass Dr. Armaan Malik a.k.a. Karan Singh Grover.

Grover made the girls swoon and gush over his chocolate boy charm, and as if that wasn’t enough, we saw him gradually build up muscles that still get the girls giggling and blushing. A teenage crush for the chicas and an inspiration for the guys, here’s how Grover pumped up his physique.



The actor has forever idolized Arnold Schwarzenegger, Salman Khan and Sylvester Stalone for building up his muscle. The actor is rather stringent when it comes to his diet and workouts.

Speaking of his regime and body, the ‘Alone’ star gives 35% importance to work outs, 60% importance to diet and 5% importance to other things.

He usually dedicates five days a week either in morning or in the evening to the gym while his daily workout routine is divided into two parts – cardiovascular exercises and weight

His secret for building strong muscle is that he pays attention to one particular muscle at a time. With four days of the week denoted to four specific areas oh his body, Karan has kept Mondays for toning his back muscle; Tuesdays for chest and shoulder workout; Wednesday for arm exercises; and Thursdays for working his legs.

Here’s a short snippet of his training routine.



Grover kicks off his day with breakfast, which usually consists of juice and oats, he also takes protein shake.

Lunch is dal, chapatti, and boiled chicken with a fruit. For dinner the actor prefers brown rice with boiled chicken, dal and other gravy items with lots of salad and papaya.

The actor believes that following a strict diet is more important than exercise itself and is hence very specific about what he eats. Grover is very specific in taking meals in small proportions rather than in large quantities.karan-singh-grover


Healthy Measures

Although, an occasional drinker, Karan indulges in alcohol only when he parties. The actor also vouches for an occasional glass of wine as he feels its good for both the skin and health.

Smoking, although, is completely off limits and according to Grover is poisonous with terribly disastrous results. Additionally, the star also swears off outside food.


Star Tips

The on-screen doctor believes that, “the important ingredients for a healthy body are proper diets and sleep, better understand your body and you will understand what type of workout suits your body.

“Always have a balanced and healthy diet and in the end do not smoke, drink and have a good lifestyle that makes you happy”.Karan-Singh-Grover (1)