The Ramen Burger Is A Food Trend That You Can Now Make At Home

Remember the Ramen burger? Yeah, we do too. That food trend was the biggest thing to go viral about a year ago but the love hasn’t died. People still talk about it and many want to make it. Those who haven’t tried it yet, are craving it and that can only mean one thing – that we talk about it and share a super fun recipe for it. Thanks to PopSugar Food, the popular Ramen burger can now be created in your very own homes with a simple and easy to follow recipe. That’s right, the Asian-fusion will be the best thing that ever happened to your kitchen and next thing you know, you’ll be making more of these pretty much every day. So what’s the craze? Well this burger is known to have been engineered by Keizo Shimamoto and sold at Brooklyn’s Smorgasburg. It’s a delightful burger packed between two buns – and that’s the catch – the buns are not made of bread. They’re Ramen buns! Yup, made fully from Ramen. 

Are you ready to feast on this super cool burger? Check out this recipe below and get ready to make your own!