The Quick 5 to homemade Ginger Beer

1. Juice it up! No, really.

Don’t forget to add freshly squeezed lime juice. It lowers the ph level and prevents micro-organisms from forming. Don’t like lime? Try grape fruit juice instead. 

beer 1

2. Yeast needs the heat

Yeast needs to be in a warm place for it to ferment. Make sure you place it in the kitchen for a nice, smooth ferment. 

image beer 2

3. Keep an eye on your beer

Fermentation is tricky. Ferment your beer too long and you’ll have to start all over again. So keep tabs on the time- download an app if you have to.


 image beer 3

4. Use your head (space)

 Head space in the container or bottle is important. Fermentation releases gases that need room. So don’t forget to give your bottle some space.

image beer 4

5. Easy Check

Check if your fermentation is in the game or not before you open your bottle. Squeeze the bottle and see if it leaves a dent. If it springs back, you’re good to go. 

image beer 5