The Pumpecapple Piecake Is Back Just In Time For Holiday Season

Right about a year back, dessert lovers saw a multi-layered baked marvel called the Pumpecapple Pie cake adorn the shelves of the Three Brothers Bakery in Texas. The cake was a breathtaking and almost surreal blend of pumpkin, pecan and apple pies put together on top of each other and held together with delicious cream cheese. The dessert even owed its name to the parent pies.

Now here’s the good news. Calorie enthusiasts across the United States can lay their hands on this towering sweet treat. Online food retailer Goldbely now also has the Pumpecapple Piecake listed on its site for shipping across the country.2d732db0-6b7b-11e4-b4a2-f3558831c503_HT_pumpecapple_piecake_slice_jef_141113_16x


Hole in the Wallet

The 12” high cake weighing almost 24 pounds is enough to feed a party of 40-50. The piecake will cost you a hefty $379.

So you’ve got enough notice to cut down on your expenditures and in order to save up and gift yourself this beautiful and almost dreamy work of bakery for Christmas!3BB_1620


Source: Foodbeast