The Position For The World’s Tastiest Job Is Lying Vacant!

Can you imagine life as a chocolate taster? A job that requires a sound set of taste buds and the capacity to binge on obnoxious amounts of chocolates. Yes, such an occupation exists. And it’s up for grabs!

Scottish company, Mackie’s, is on the lookout for someone to fill the position of Chief Chocolate Taster. The person will be paid weekly in the form of wait-for-it chocolate!Chocolate Truffles Recipe


Qualifications & Perks

The only qualifications the Ardeenshire firm is looking for are sharp taste buds. The selected candidate will have a “steady supply of chocolate to taste, test, lick and sook on the couch at home,” according to company chiefs.

Aside the unlimited chocolate, Mackie’s is also giving out a trip to the taster and their entire family to the company’s family farm for a chocolate immersion session with the resident experts along with a performance bonus if/when your chocolate creation flies off the shelves. Ok, is this for real?chocolate-002-1024x576


Job Responsibilities

The reason Mackie’s is on a hunt for the prized taster is that in honour of their new 6000,000 pounds factory, the company wants to launch a new chocolate flavor. The taster, needless to say, will suggest this flavor.

“With our new factory being capable of making more than five million bars annually, we want to share our sweet success with creative candidates who will help us launch new interesting flavours,” McNutt was quoted saying by the Scotsman.2617373820

In addition to this mammoth responsibility, the person shall also ensure quality control, will have to take part in tasting panels and be responsible for tasting chocolates from other brands. There’s a reason it’s the ‘Sweetest Job In The World’!


Apply Now!

It’s true, the job does sound too good to be true and that’s why it comes along with a minute catch. The position is more of an honorary title and will not include any monetary benefits (unless you deal in chocolate currency).

To impress Mackie’s all you have to describe to them is your dream chocolate bar flavor and also why you think the position is perfect for you. The top four creative concepts will be selected which will later be boiled down to two finalists. The final call will be taken via public vote on social media.DarkChocolate

The last date for applying to the position is December 3, 2015. Applicants of all ages will be entertained. Have you started working on that application yet?