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The Perfect Recipe List To Make Your Game Night A Success


Don’t we all love those days when friends come over for a fun-filled game night? It’s literally the best way for a laid-back, casual night in with friends with hell lotta fun and competition of course! But we all know that the secret to making it THE night is the right food. So here’s a recipe list of the perfect non-veg appetisers to help you make your night a success:

  1. Italian Chicken Wings

    Italian Chicken Wings Recipe

  2. Chicken Lollipop

    Chicken Lollipop Recipe

  3. Fish Orly

    Fish Orly Recipe

  4. Egg Bonda Recipe
    Egg Bonda Recipe

  5. Szechuan Chicken Recipe
    Szechuan Chicken Recipe

  6. Chicken Masala Balls 
    Chicken Masala Balls Recipe

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