The One Food Prince Charles Loves & The One He Must Never Eat
July 9, 2018

The One Food Prince Charles Loves & The One He Must Never Eat

We know quite a bit about the culinary likes and dislike of some of the most popular members of the Royal Family including the King and Queen, Prince William and Kate Middleton, and even newlyweds Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. But little is known about what Prince Charles likes on his plate. Well, it’s a secret no more as the Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall recently revealed her significant other’s food choices.


On Prince Charles’ Plate

The Duchess appeared on an episode of MasterChef Australia where she spoke to judge Gary Mehigan about the one food the Prince of Wales absolutely loves. No, it’s not fancy Caviar from Italy, gourmet bread from France, or anything remotely expensive even. Turns out, the 69-year-old Prince fancies himself lots of good ol’ cheese.

“He loves, loves local cheeses,” Camilla told Mehigan. “He’s a huge cheese fan, anything to do with cheese, he will love,” she said adding that Prince Charles is also a big fan of “anything with eggs, with a bed of a lot of local vegetables.”

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A Big No

That said, while the Royals do have the freedom to binge on just about anything – as long as it ain’t shellfish – they do also have a list of foods they must never eat. And it comes as no surprise that if there is one thing that must never be served to royals or even at royal gatherings, it’s garlic.

Yep, the flavorsome ingredient may never find a place in Buckingham Palace for reasons pertaining to social etiquettes. You know, the lasting – and might we add, awkward – garlic breath that lingers on after eating food with garlic? Yeah, the Royals can’t afford that. Especially when entertaining guests. “You always have to lay off the garlic,” Camilla said.

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