The New Pink KitKat Made With Ruby Chocolate Looks Delicious

Last year our collective minds were blown when the fourth variant of chocolate was discovered – ruby chocolate. As its name suggests, ruby chocolate is a gorgeous pink, however, it doesn’t contain any artificial coloring. KitKat is changing the game by creating a whole new Chocolatory Sublime Ruby KitKat.

While the gorgeous new KitKat was first only available in South Korea and Japan (they always get the best KitKat flavors) it will now be available in the UK.

Alex Gonnella, marketing director for Nestlé’s UK confectionery business, said: “We know that a new type of KitKat is a really big deal and we are very excited to be able to offer a different type of chocolate for KitKat fans to try.

“After the extremely successful launch of KitKat Chocolatory Sublime Ruby in Japan and South Korea, this is the first time the Ruby chocolate will be available in an iconic four finger format and we are sure that the Ruby chocolate KitKat will be a great hit in the UK.

“Ruby chocolate is a big innovation in confectionery and we are very proud that KitKat is the first major brand in the UK to feature this exciting new chocolate.”