The New Maggi Ad Featuring Manav Kaul Is More Than Just A Commercial

Nestle’s iconic instant noodles brand Maggi is known for its fun and quirky commercials complete with catchy tunes and taglines. However, in its latest video campaign #EveryoneShouldCook and #CookTheDifference that was released last week, the noodle brand has gone ahead and transformed the ad into a meaningful life lesson – everyone should cook.

The ad, which captures a father-son duo putting together a Maggi meal – with actor Manav Kaul as the father – shows a young boy guiding him through a noodle recipe. The father jokingly inquires why he’s getting an impromptu cooking lesson, to which his son answers: “so that next time when mom is late from office and the food is not cooked at home, you don’t get upset with her.”

It’s a very simple statement that means a lot and if understood, could make the world of a difference in each household. In a nutshell, “everyone should cook” even if it means whipping up 2-minutes noodles for dinner. Watch the video commercial below.

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