The Model-Turned-Chef Shows Us How To Pair Wine With Indian Food

Everyone knows that Sarah Todd loves Indian Food. She won our hearts when she made Aloo Gobhi at MasterChef Australia in 2014. She went on to open Antares in Goa and also curated menu for The Wine Rack in Mumbai. She has now redesigned the menu for The Wine company in Gurugram. One of the founders of The Wine Company said, “When we set up the place, the idea was to bring wine closer to people,” he recalls, “With that achieved, the focus now is to help people pair the right wine with the right food; and that is where Sarah steps in.”

The new menu at The Wine Company reflects Sarah’s immense love for Indian food. While the wines have travelled from all over the world, ingredients for the kitchen are sourced locally. Artisanal cheese comes from Delhi, Mumbai and Kashmir, bhut jolokia chilli comes from Nagaland and seafood is sourced from Odisha. “With people getting conscious of what goes onto their plate, fresh produce and farm-to-table is the next big thing,” said Sarah, while introducing her menu. “I also want to break the myth that Indian flavours don’t go well with wine, so I have incorporated a lot of local ingredients to create recipes that will appeal to the local palate and yet pair well with wines.”

Here’s a video from her Instagram where she talks about her love for Kalari cheese from Kashmir.