The McDonald’s Dollar Menu Is Now Twice As Enjoyable. Or Is It?

The much-loved McDonald’s Dollar Menu & More is soon going to become semi-history. Semi, because it’s not really going away neither is it going to stay. How you ask? The food giant is replacing it’s Dollar Menu with the all new McPick 2 menu! *drum rolls*

“As part of its turnaround plan, the fast-food chain is realigning around what it calls a value platform, which essentially means the company is planning to offer more promotions”, reports Business Insider.McD_480x270


Twice The (Forced) Fun

The new McPick 2 menu has some good news and some bad. The good news is that all the items on this menu too will cost a dollar. But the bad news is that a customer has to purchase items in pairs instead of buying them individually.

Like I said, twice the fun. Forced fun.

The items made available initially on the menu will be the McDouble, McChicken, mozzarella sticks (available only at blessed outlets) and small fries.7859745110_4e0587aebb_b


Are We Excited?

Relieved, yes because the dollar menu isn’t really going away. But excited? Not really. The fact that one has to spend two bucks at a go kind of defeats the purpose of the Dollar Menu.

Also, what if there are 3 (or 5 or 7) items that I want to eat? Either I give on the 3rd item or buy one extra just so that my food doesn’t feel lonely. Even though at some level it can be an excellent marketing strategy, the original Dollar Menu will be missed.redim-600x337


Coming Soon

The promotion for the McPick 2 will officially start from January 4th to February 8th of 2016, though McDonald’s plans to allow local markets to decide whether or not they want to extend the promotion based on that location’s success.