The Makers of Guinness Beer Hop On The Vegan Train

When I get back home after an exceptionally long day at work, writing articles, meeting restauranteurs, doing a restaurant feature, getting yelled at by my editor, all I normally want to do is come back home to a really cold bottle of beer. And my cat, of course. Beer-lovers across the world know exactly what I’m talking about. 

Guinness has always been a foremost name when it comes to talking about beers. The famous beer is dark and thick and is a favourite among dark beer-lovers. This week, Guinness made the news by announcing that its makers are changing the 256-year old recipe. 


This change is to make the drink suitable for vegetarians and vegan. Guinness announced that they will be removing what is called a fish bladder filtration process. 

The thick stout is normally produced using isinglass – a fish bladder that is used to help the yeast settle faster in the brewing process. 

A spokesperson for Guinness told The Times that they would look to stop using the filtration process and replace it with a vegan friendly alternative by 2016.

The moves comes after a campaign from vegans to have the process stopped and it surely means that many who avoided the drink because of the trace of fish bladder that remaining in the brew will now be able to enjoy the famous drink.

Let’s take a look at how to get the perfect guinness pour. Vegans, take note.