The Maker Of Special Maggi At The St. Xavier’s College Mumbai Quits Today

For Xavierites this news may come as a shock and is disheartening as Anna who ran the canteen at St. Xavier’s College in Mumbai has come to quit quoting health reasons according to a report by the Free Press Journal. Uday Shetty aka Anna specialised in a special maggi, Burma toast, a wholesome lunch spread and chai amongst many other dishes.

The End Of An Era

The canteen space is also to be revamped says the report by the Free Press Journal as the college is all set to completing 150 years in 2019. On the other hand, Anna has been quoted as saying that he has been working in the institute from 1991 but now wants to simply rest at home. He also said that he’ll miss the students and the professors. He has been leaving home at 6:30 AM every day to begin the canteen for breakfast by 7:30 AM and returns home only by 11 PM. “I rest for a while after having lunch,” said Shetty while speaking to the publication.

The Maker Of Special Maggi At The St. Xavier’s College Mumbai Quits Today

“I have spent my whole life here at St. Xavier’s college where I completed my undergraduate and post graduate courses,” said Dr. Kothare, a professor and a regular at Anna’s canteen in an interview with the Free Press Journal. “I live in Malad and it is not possible for me to get my dabba in the morning. So, I prefer having tea, breakfast and lunch in this canteen since my college days. Anna has sacrificed his life in this canteen. The food quality is adorable, healthy and economical too. We cannot think of going outside this campus. Now it is wrapping its table services, so I will face a lot of problem. I will have to search for a good restaurant which can give me homely food every day.”

The publication also reported that the news came as surprise to the students who were around during holidays. A post about Anna’s retirement was put on the alumni Facebook page calling out to the students to have their favourite food one last time on or by 28th April. “Last night I learnt that Anna is wrapping his table service from April 28. It is really very sad. I live in Kurla and my schedule is very hectic. So I prefer having food at this canteen. I have seen several faculties regularly having food here,” said Swanandee Nulkar, a student told the Free Press Journal. “I have never heard of any complaint regarding his service or food. Anna customises the demands of his patrons. His canteen staff knows the exact amount of sugar I take in my coffee. And if I am stressed I would rather relax in the canteen,” she added.

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