The Magic Of Westeros At The Irish House Outlets In Mumbai

The Magic Of Westeros At The Irish House Outlets In Mumbai

We’re all waiting eagerly for what havoc the White Walkers are going to wreak on Westeros and wouldn’t we all love refilling our wine glass like Cersei. Or even drink and know things like Tyrion. You could even strategize with a glass of Khaleesi’s Pride or pass down knowledge with a sip or two of The Three-Eyed Raven. Where you ask? At the Ice and Fire Festival At The Irish House outlets all across Mumbai. Are you ready for the winter war?

Winter Is Here At The Irish House

Let your own games of drinking begin 15th April onwards at The Irish House with cocktails curated around the popular characters and references to a show much awaited. Sip on The White Walker made with Bailey’s whiskey, vodka & cream soda or enjoy a breeze of the King’s Landing made with vodka, gin, tequila, apple juice, pineapple juice and a hint of elderflower. You could also enjoy Cersei’s Red Sangria made up of red wine, white rum orange, and pineapple juice or Cersei’s White Sangria (because you’re a queen and can go against the rules) made of white wine, white rum, apple juice and a hint of peach and elderflower.

The Irish House also has The Long Claw made with fresh lager beer, activated charcoal, triple sec and a whole lot of smoke; Khaleesi’s Pride made with gin, sambuca and elderflower; The Three-Eyed Raven made up of bourbon, black currant extract, orange juice topped with three icy black grapes; and Dragon’s Breath packed with tequila, jalapenos, lime, olives, topped with a candied jalapeno. Adding to the Iron Throne glory is the GoT pub quiz happening on 21st April at the Andheri outpost; 5th May at the Thane outpost and 19th May at the Kala Ghoda outpost. Winners get GoT merchandise from Red Wolf and of course, bragging rights!