The Jonas Brothers Are Coming Up With Something Delicious!

Father of teenage heartthrobs, Jonas Brothers, Kevin Jonas Sr. is going to produce yet another delight. Literally. Jonas Sr. is opening a restaurant in his hometown Belmont, North Carolina. But that’s not all that excites us about this news. Recently Nellie’s announced on its Facebook page that the restaurant was seeking musically inclined staff, with or without restaurant experience!shutterstock_74284009

Here’s what the announcement read: “Singers and musicians wanted: Nellie’s Southern Kitchen owner Kevin Jonas, Sr. is holding auditions, by appointment only.”

It went on to state why the eatery had such a peculiar list of qualifications for their work force. The restaurant not only ants the wait staff to perform regular tasks but also entertain the guest and create a vivacious ambience.

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The cuisine will revolve around southern-style food and family recipes that have been handed down through the generations. Some of the regulars will include shrimp and grits, homemade breads and fried chicken.

Nellie’s Southern Kitchen is looking at an opening by the end of this year.Nellies