The International Street Food Festival at The Reservoire Let Us Travel The World Without Leaving Koramangala

Food festivals are one of the best ways to try food from around the world, without ever stepping out of your city! The Reservoire already wowed us with some gorgeous craft cocktails, and we couldn’t wait to see what their International Street Food Festival had on offer!

Around The World In 80 Minutes

We started things off with a St. ILand (you can check out exactly how it’s made, here) and we loved the peppy combination of gin and champagne (it works, ya’ll)! We paired our drink with the Barbecue Bacon Panini – which soon became a favorite. Oozy, perfectly cooked barbecue chicken and bacon – it just worked brilliantly!

We moved from Italy to America with Arizona’s Sonoran Hot Dog, a delectable, cheesy delight, complete with bacon-wrapped hot dog (we like bacon, sue us)! Next up, we tried the Gin Salad, so you can feel healthy while drinking a cocktail! We loved how refreshing and subtle the flavors were!

Traveling down south to Mexico, we gobbled down the Avocado Wrap, complete with copious amounts of sour cream and salsa. The tortilla held its crunch pretty well, and it was definitely our favorite vegetarian dish! Our next stop was Peru, home to an earthquake recording football fan base. The Ceviche was seasoned absolutely beautifully! The cured fish combined with the bird’s eye chilli, and a healthy squeeze of lemon was divine!

Obviously, we couldn’t end our journey without dessert. After stuffing ourselves completely throughout our culinary travels we opted for a lighter option. The Spanish Churros with a cuppa was the perfect way to end our meal! And, to think, we travelled around the world, and didn’t need 80 days!


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