The Indian Army Looks At Nutritional Supplements For Tough Terrains

The Indian Army Looks At Nutritional Supplements For Tough Terrains

According to the report by F&B News, the Indian Armed forces are looking at nutritional supplements for soldiers who are posted at tough terrains. The army is exploring a range of dietary supplements, functional foods, and nutraceuticals and researching on them so that they can be carried by the soldiers in an inhospitable place. They are looking at supplements that make the terrain bearable for them.

Supplements For Our Soldiers

“The Indian Army is deployed in the most inhospitable terrain operating in the country spreading from high-altitude area in the north, the dense jungles in the east and the extreme deserts in the south and south-west theatres of our country. Soldiers are subjected to the ill-effects of terrain and weather conditions on their physical and mental well beings. The field of food science and technology has seen rapid strides in recent years.  Specifically, functional foods, nutraceuticals and various other supplements are being researched extensively to maximise nutritional gains,” said Lt Gen Vipan Gupta, commandant, ASC Centre and College reports F&B News.

This matter was discussed at a seminar which was organised by the Army Training Command at the ASC Centre and College in Bengaluru. “While there is the technology for processed foods, we are increasingly focusing on the quality and palatability factor for the soldiers. This is because the food supply to the Armed Forces in remote and difficult terrains is sans cold chains. The focus is also on innovative packaging technology. In addition, edible cutlery has helped to offset marring the environment with paper and plastic remains. Another development is the introduction of non-thermo food processing technology imported from abroad,” said A D Semwal, associate director and head, technology transfer division, DFRL reports F&B News.