The Incredibly Diligent Watermelon Boy Who Has Taken The Internet By Storm

So you’re at a game and all you’ve to do is sit tight and cheer at all the right moments and try and get filmed by a camera while you’re at it. What about the rest of the time? One must eat. One must replenish and pass time. And that is exactly what this boy who has now been christened the ‘Watermelon Boy’, did. He ate. And how!

The clip that is now going viral features the aforementioned Watermelon Boy eating a – you guessed it – watermelon. No biggie, right? Except that it sort of is because this boy – who was either not interested in the game at all, was famished or simply likes to work hard and earn his food – ate the entire fruit without using any utensil! And no, he didn’t smash it open against anything either.

Unbelievable, right? Watch this video to have your mind blown.

P.S. Am I the only one who can totally imagine this kid advertising for a dental brand?