The Hungrier Side Of Las Vegas

People usually associate Vegas with exquisite shows, dancing, casinos, and legal US sports betting, but there is a whole world of cuisine out there to discover. If you are planning a getaway to the City of Lights, factor in where you will eat, so you can wine in dine in style and make your trip away one to remember. Below is a definitive guide to making sure your taste buds are tantalized throughout your entire visit to Las Vegas, Nevada.

For Families

For many who are visiting Las Vegas with families, it may seem like a nightmare trying to locate a restaurant that will satisfy hungry youngsters without a hefty price tag that’s also appropriate for families. Rather than wasting time trawling the bustling streets to find somewhere suitable, check out these fabulous family-friendly options below:

  • Giordanos

Where: Grand Bazaar Shops at Bally’s, Las Vegas Strip

What: A family orientated Italian restaurant

Giordanos opened a restaurant in Las Vegas after years of success in Chicago. With fun décor and great food, you can guarantee your kids will be satisfied with pizza to suit even the fussiest eater.

  • Rainforest Café

Where: 3717 Las Vegas Boulevard

What: Tropical themed restaurant

Las Vegas is full of sights and sounds to get your senses going, but you can take that one step further with an immersive dining experience at Rainforest Café. Kitted out with jungle décor and animals to keep the kids entranced, if the themed menu isn’t enough to entertain the family, then the activity book will.

For Foodies

  • Vetri Cucina

Where: 56th Floor of the Palms Casino Resort

What: Enjoyable dining experience offering Northern Italian Fare

This rustic restaurant is a perfect option for those looking for a slice of Italy in the heart of Las Vegas. From butternut squash Rotolo with blue cheese, to beef-filled ravioli with pancetta. There are surprisingly no pizzas available here – rather, the established menu offers diners the very best taste of Italy with dishes crafted for those looking for a truly authentic offerings. Visitors to this restaurant should expect to embrace its rustic charm and cozy décor, with gorgeous views to boost.

  • Gordon Ramsay Steak

Where: Paris Las Vegas

What: A once in a lifetime steak experience

This restaurant is for those who want a steak experience like no other. Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant has its steak provided from New York butcher Pat LaFrieda, and diners select the cut of beef they desire from a selection presented to you personally. Not enough? The experience includes mirrors, so you can see the marbling on the cuts without craning your neck. Should you want flavorful ribeye, or tender sirloin, or perhaps a signature beef Wellington, give your taste buds the treat they’ve been waiting for.

For A Unique Dining Experience

  • Blackout

Where: 3871 S Valley View Boulevard

What: Dining in the dark

For anybody who wants a surreal dining experience, try dining in the dark. Guests have to rely on other senses as they are escorted in the pitch black. The staff have night-vision goggles, however, you will be completely blind, leaving you to rely on taste, smell and great conversation throughout your meal. You’ll never forget this experience, despite how hard picturing it may be!

  • Picasso

Where: Bellagio Hotel & Casino

What: A restaurant paying homage to Pablo Picasso

For those with a love of art, explore art through food at Picasso, offering award-winning menus of French food amongst some of the finest work of the famed French artist Pablo Picasso. Art lovers get the best of both worlds, as, if the original Picassos weren’t enough, the stunning food is sure to satisfy.

No matter what draws you to Las Vegas, you can incorporate the sights and sounds into your dining experience, too. Famed for its betting opportunities and entertainment day and night, don’t forget to indulge in the best dining experiences that you are sure never to forget.