4 Fall Flavoured Snacks To Munch On This Winter

This fall suddenly seems to be looking up with so many fall-centric munches and drinks hitting the market. Starting with Starbucks’ innovative frappuccinos and lattes to innumerable candies following in step. Move over Pumpkin Spice because here are our 5 favorite fall flavored snacks that we’ll be spending a fortune on this season.


Chips Ahoy!

Flavor: Hot Cocoa

Chocoholics rejoice as the cookie contains more cocoa than the name suggests. The Chips Ahoy! cookies are thick with chocolate fudge filling and the crunchy outside covered with white chocolate chips and marshmallows.chips-ahoy-600x337



Flavor: Café Mocha, White Peppermint, Hot Chocolate

The candies are getting ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas and the lot is clearly being led by M&Ms. The candy company have announced three new flavors at the onset of winter. Gosh! We absolutely cannot wait to pop coffee-flavored M&Ms for breakfast this Christmas!cafe-mocha4-e1446241819221


Starbucks Espresso

Flavor: Holiday Spice Flat White

Not only has Starbucks tweaked their crimson holiday cup, but starting November the coffee shop will also roll a new beverage – the Holiday Spice Flat White which is a slightly winter-ed up version of the original Australian Flat White.starbucks-red-cup-600x800


Pepsi White Cola

Just when we thought we’d seen it all and Pepsi was going to take a break after Pepsi Perfect and the halloween-special Pepsi Ghost, the cola giant goes ahead and the announces it’s limited edition Christmas gift to Japan, the White Cola.dfe