“The healthiest food is that which has no taste at all”, Actor Bharath Opens His Workout Diaries

The Tamil film industry first witnessed the actor on screen in Boys as Bob Galy in 2003. Bharath went on to do promising roles in Chellamae, Ainthu Ainthu Ainthu and many more to make his presence felt in the industry.

The Killadi actor has grown better and hotter with every passing role and we can’t help but notice those abs that keep getting more prominent with every movie that he does! The actor shares some of his like, dislikes and favorites in an interview.


Routine Routine

Bharath hits the gym five days a week, without fail, for an hour. This hour he divides between muscle exercise and cardio.

The actor also has his set of favorites at the gym. “I love chest and bicep workouts as they make me look great in a tight T-shirt. So, I do a lot of flat chest benches, weight lifting and crossover ropes”, he says.Bharath-in-koothara51


Have Feet Will Dance

Not many know this but the Ainthu… actor likes to shake a leg every once in a while. “Whenever I can, I dance with Swingers, a city-based dancing group. This routine makes me flexible and is also an exercise form I enjoy a lot.”

The regime also happens to be his favorite way to sweat it out, he admits.


Sacrifice. Not.

For some it might by a task to keep away from food but fortunately for Bharath, he does not have a sweet tooth (yes, such people do exist and are often a couple pounds lighter than us).

Though he too has a tough time resisting certain foods like beef, egg and chicken. “However, I stay away from mutton, as it’s fattening. I also strictly avoid rice at night”, Bharath adds.bharath_25_118201055948123


Rocky Road

It may sound ‘not a big deal’ but when it comes to achieving body goals, the actor believes in taking the rockier road. And the results are mind blowing, to say the least! The actor admits that his prep for Ainthu Ainthu Ainthu was one of the most demanding physical experiences.

I lived those three months on a total protein diet (egg white, grilled chicken) and when I’d get hungry, I’d make do with digestive biscuits and raisins. I worked out for at least six hours every day, with each day focused on different parts of my body.

In fact, the results were so good that some believed his pictures were photoshopped!Bharath-6p2


Well it does pay to be healthy. But excuse me while I help myself to another scoop of ice cream.