Download Grabstr To Get A Chance To Win Food Giveaways Each Week In Mumbai


A couple of months ago, we met up with the founders of Grabstr, an app designed to give foodies real time restaurant offers and discounts. Now, our little birdies have told us, that Grabstr is doing something even better; giving away completely free stuff (yes,that translates to food) every week.

In following this model, Grabstr has become India’s first mobile giveaway platform.

The Giveaways

Every user that joins Grabstr gets the opportunity to paticapate in their giveaway competitions. Grabstr has partnered with various brands that are involved with food delivery, restaurants and bars, fashion , entertainment and spas and salons.


Each week, the app has a minimum of three giveaways, at least one of which includes free food; either a meal at a restaurant, or a free drink, or food delivery.


Till date, the app has completed 15 weeks of giveaways that were mostly centered around food.

Want Free Food?

If being in with the chance to get yourself some free food sounds like something you’re up for, simply download the Grabstr app. You can then enter the giveaways anytime from Monday through Saturday.

Come Sunday, the winners are chosen at random and then announced through the app. Users who don’t win will be given a consolation prize of an exclusive discount at a particular restaurant or from a particular food delivery service; so it’s pretty much win win.


Grabstr is also intent on creating a transparent system for its users, which is why they choose to announce the winners on the app itself. ““Transparency is our motto and we want to build a credible system where our users are gratified every week,” said co-founder Ankit Moorjani to us. “Therefore, the winners are declared on the app itself for everyone to see. Through the systems we have set up, we want to build trust and an endearing app experience,” he added.


What’s In It For The Brands?

While there’s no prizes for figuring out how the app benefits users (see what we did there?), one may wonder what the brands Grabstr is partnering with are getting out of the giveaways.

The answer? Marketing. Through Grabstr, restaurants and delivery companies gain visibility and awareness among the app users. Additionally, Grabstr organises social media meets with popular bloggers, giving the brand even more visibility.

Head of Marketing and Business, Rohit Haryani sums up the app’s aims in one sentence, saying “”The giveaways are not just our user acquisition strategy but rather our actual business model.”

Future Plans

Elaborating on Grabstr’s business model, Haryani tells us that in the future, Grabstr will be looking at coming up with more products as well as giving more users a chance to win giveaways each week.

Even more free food? We can get on board with that!