The golden fort that reflects the glory of Rajasthan


One of the oldest cities of Rajasthan, Jaisalmer welcomes travelers to enjoy a holiday seeing the architectural marvels along with various other attractions with a great historical significance. The beauty of the region fills the heart of every traveler and one can happily enjoy seeing the architectural taste and choice of the Rajput rulers. Jaisalmer is one city which is even referred as the Golden City entertains people as the whole city owes a special construction style. The majority of the constructions of Jaisalmer are made using the golden yellow sandstone due to which the region got the name. The fort here sands as a symbol of the skill and art of the artisans and this is situated on the Trikuta Hill.

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Mostly referred as the Sonar Quila the Jaisalmer Tour Palace is a royal symbol that reflects the Rajasthani culture. This is an architectural marvel that stands on the hill in Jaisalmer and is a huge fort that has seen the bravery and the glory of the Rajput rulers. Being the oldest fort this was constructed by Bhatti Chief Jaisal. This was constructed in 1156 AD and a few other parts were developed during 1633. Along with the strong fort made using huge stones in a golden yellow color there are a few temples dedicated to Hinduism as well as Jainism.  This fort is no less than a precious jewel in the beautiful crown of monuments and wonders of Rajasthan which is a great blend of bravery and beauty.  The exceptional architecture of the fort made it to be a World Heritage Site and this fort served as a residence for the royal families along with merchants and soldiers.


Rich history of the royal structure: A part from the exceptional beauty of the strong fort it owes a great history which is much impressive and interesting. The Rajputs built this fort in order to save themselves as well as their families from the invaders. The brave Rajput rulers were successful for many years and the fort was equally strong defending all the invasions.  Not just men, but the Rajput women are not less thin exhibiting their self respect and bravery. All the Rajput women committed suicide, which is known as Jauhar when Ala-ud-din-Khilji won the fort. Another interesting battle made Mughal gain control over the fort for several years. The sea trading faded the glory of Jaisalmer and the partition completely made the region deserted. The monument now stands as a pride of ancient history along with the fascinating culture.


Special attractions: The construction style and the designing structure of the fort is very unique and it is a much decorative place that is worth of visiting. Not just as an ancient fort and a huge construction, but the Rajputs designed this in an extraordinary way. The fort consists of wells, a well planned drainage system along with various other amenities that are much comforting in those days.

Don’t restrict your holiday for expedition of the beautiful monument, but don’t miss shopping near the Jaisalmer fort as every traveler can bag alluring collection of precious goods and artworks. 

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