The French Loaf Mixes Ingredients To Create Plum Cake Weighing 17,000 Kgs

The French Loaf, a popular bakery in the country, just stepped up their cake game, getting set for Christmas season. The bakery wing of Oriental Cuisines, which makes delectable desserts such as puffs, pastries, sandwiches, breads, pies, cookies, and more, organized a massive cake mixing event that involved mixing their ingredients for a magnificent plum cake for the holiday season. Yes, so we just witnessed a massive mix-off with chefs enthusiastically participating to mix a cake weighing a whopping 17,000 kgs! We were present at the French Loaf commissary to watch the mixing, being headed by the Corporate Chef of French Loaf, Chef Bhoopesh. Also present at the event was CEO of Oriental Cuisines, Mr. Narendra Malhotra, who cheerfully welcomed us and gave us a little insight to the event as well as encouraging his team for the massive cake mixing.



A huge table had all the ingredients lined up, including the spices for the plum cake, which together filled the air with a beautiful scent. Mixed fruits on the table for mixing included plums, peaches, pears, pineapples, and apples. The enormous line up of mixes also included 1,760 kilos of tutti fruiti, 770 kilos of dried cherries, 715 kilos of dates, 440 kilos of cashew nuts, 330 kilos of orange peel, 330 kilos of ginger chips, 1100 kilos of white raisins, and 165 kilos of mixed fruit jam! And as if these numbers weren’t enough to blow our minds, we witnessed some unique ingredients being mixed as well, namely, garam masala, cinnamon sticks, cloves, cardamom, and bay leaves. All these ingredients are said to make the cake exotic and filled with flavour. What’s more, 550 liters of premium rum was used to soak the mix and bring out the authentic festive flavour. 



A quick chat with Chef Bhoopesh gave us some insight on the cake, and how The French Loaf has been one of the most popular places for people to pick up their Christmas Cake from. Speaking of its high demand, Chef Bhoopesh tells us how making a huge mix of 17,000 kilos of cake is exciting and a great experience. High quality and unique ingredients have been sourced to make the mix, with spices being ground to powders by them. Mr. Narendra Malhotra, who was also very excited to host the event, told us that making 17,000 kilos of cake mix was definitely a game changer to meet the demands of plum cake across all the outlets of French Loaf. This is undoubtedly a milestone achievement for the group and we’re sure the city will enjoy these delicious plum cakes. The special Plum Cake will begin it’s sales by early December in every outlet across the city and country, so get ready, Christmas season is almost here and Oriental Cuisines has already begun bracing itself for the season!