The Feast Street – Here is all what you need to know about this amazing delivery brand!

Way back in the 14th century, the Mongols invaded Hindukush – the land of milk, honey and other rich treasures. In return, they left behind a trail of meat sprinkled with salt, barbequed and gobbled which soon caught the fancy of Indian chefs and they perfected it to a sublime art. Confused? It’s the Royal savour of the Nawabs – Kebabs that we are talking about.

Kolkata, the land of delicacies with its wide range of North Indian eateries, still misses the taste of authentic Nawabi kebabs. To celebrate the extravaganza of street food in all its glory, The Feast Street is back with a bang. With its fine roasted and grilled kebabs to satiate your greedy soul, The Feast Street makes the most succulent and delicious Kebabs one will ever savour.

Let our taste buds go on an adventure ride not only with their array of kebabs but also with their zesty biryanis. They serve sumptuous North Indian Cuisine which is distinct in their earthy aroma, spicy flavour, and rich creamy texture.

Allow the food to do the talking with its indelible taste that now gets delivered to your doorstep with an excellent, easygoing delivery service from Salt Lake Sector-5 which serves in and around Salt Lake, New Town, and Rajarhat. What else could be better to enjoy these delicacies without the hustle-bustle of standing in a queue and waiting to place the order? You can enjoy these yummy, finger-licking food in any of your corporate events, office lunches or home parties with their catering services.

So let’s just join and encourage them to spread the Desi love among the Calcuttans again, with an assorted menu to choose from, with a guaranteed gastronomic satisfaction!

Let’s start ordering K-Town folks.


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