With The Ember Mug, You Never Have To Worry About Your Coffee Going Cold Again

You’re in the mood to leisurly sip on a cup of steaming hot coffee, but as you make you way to the bottom of the cup, while you either engage in conversation with friends, or check your phone for updates, your coffee goes cold. Frustrating, isn’t it? We agree. Luckily, now there’s a solution. Meet The Ember Mug.


Starbucks has teamed up with Ember, to bring the Ember mug to their outlet stores. The Ember Mug is a smartphone controlled coffee mug designed to keep your coffee heated to your desired temperature all day long.

How Does The Ember Mug Work?

According to reports, the cup works by using a series of sensors and heating rings that will warm up your drink — or cool it down, if you’d prefer. To control the temperature, all you have to do is rotate the dial located on the bottom of the mug. You can also control how warm your coffee stays using the Ember app. Once connected to your smartphone or smartwatch device, you can change the temperature of the liquid inside of your Ember cup with just a tap on your screen.


Starbucks has ensured that the mugs have been run through months of safety inspections before launching it in their outlets. The mug has also been tested to make sure the heating process doesn’t change the flavour of the beverage inside it.

However, The Ember Mug is currently available for purchase in 100 Starbucks locations only in the US and is listed for $150.