The Durian, The World’s Smelliest Fruit Is All Set To Journey Through Space

Love it, or hate it, you can’t keep from smelling durian, commonly acknowledged as the world’s smelliest fruit. However, the fruit is all set to become a universal phenomenon, as Thailand is planning on sending it into space so its astronauts can feast on Thai food.

According to Ammarin Pimnoo of the Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency (GISTDA) baked durians have already been packaged for their trip into space. The agency plans to launch the durian from Earth with the help of a U.S. rocket company.

The Durian, The World's Smelliest Fruit Is All Set To Journey Through Space

The packages will initially stay in space for just five minutes before coming back to the blue planet for an examination of any textural changes, according to the BBC. That information will be used to develop Thai food suitable for space.

If the test-run goes well, an agency spokesperson said they could try to “bring other Thai food that is well known, like pad Thai or mango sticky rice, up to space for more tests.” Fingers crossed that we’ll be able to munch on Thai curry when we ditch the earth for Mars.