The Dim Sip Festival At Shiro Is All That And Dim Sum

Ever since Shiro sashayed onto the Bangalore scene almost 10 years ago they’ve retained a cult status here in the Garden City as the place to head to for a brilliant pan-Asian experience. So, we were thrilled when we heard about the Dim Sip festival that looked to be a treat!

Dim Sum Delights & More

Apart from serving up a whopping 33 different types of dim sum, Shiro is also serving up an XL Xiao Long Bao – a soup dumpling that we’d only seen before in viral videos which we couldn’t wait to try out! We started off with two of their specially curated cocktails: the Citrus Smash and the Rosemary & Pomegranate Martini. If you enjoy a side of drama with your cocktail then you’ll love the Rosemary & Pomegranate Martini which comes with lovely charred rosemary notes, and a spectacular dry ice extravaganza that is uber Instaworthy.

One of our favorite dim sum’s was, surprisingly, vegetarian. The Miso Vegetable Dumpling ticked all the right boxes with a lovely umami feel packed chock-a-block full of mushrooms, carrots, and zucchini, combined with an activated charcoal wrapper that didn’t overpower the hero of the dish, and paired gorgeously with the miso. We were also big fans of the Edamame & Truffle Dumpling with the truffle oil adding a lovely creaminess to the sweet of the edamame.

Next up was the Pork Rib Gua Bao – if you’re a fan of slowly-braised baby back ribs then this bao is for you. The most interesting thing about this dish was the sticky sauce that retained the sweetness that you would expect in most braised pork ribs but also had the most wonderful pepper flavor that added just a hit of spice to, arguably, one of our favorite dishes.

Seafood lovers, you’d be remiss if you miss out on trying the Kaffir Seafood Dumpling; a positively brilliant combination of crab, prawn, and fish infused with Kaffir Lime and topped with roe which added an exciting textural pop to the dish.

Finally, we tried the piece de resistance, the XL Xiao Long Bao, which (spoiler alert) involves the use of a straw to consume. We fell in love with the broth at first sip, which was jam-packed full of flavor and were pleasantly surprised by the minced chicken medallions we discovered upon cutting into the soup dumpling – you definitely don’t want to miss out on a chance to try this one. The Dim Sip festival in on until the end of July so you best make your reservations pronto, because this festival is all that and dim sum!

Venue: Shiro, Bengaluru
Time: 12.30pm to 11.30pm
Date: Until July 31, 2018
For Reservations: Call – 088610 48756