The Culture Table, A Two-Day Food Festival To Be Hosted In Mumbai

The Culture Table, A Two-Day Food Festival To Be Hosted In Mumbai

The  Brothers Incorporated and Rage Entertainment are hosting ‘The Culture Table’ which is a two-day culinary festival at Mumbai’s MMRDA Ground reports the Business Insider. The festival will have international cuisine, kiosks of various restaurants, microbreweries, and live performances.

Celebrity Chefs And More

The festival will also be seeing plenty of celebrity chefs like Sarah Todd, Vicky Ratnani and Kaviraj Thadani in its first edition which is to be held next weekend – 6th and 7th October. Visitors can experience a variety of cuisines like  European, Thai, Asian, Japanese, Mexican, Charcuterie, Chinese as well as organic food. “The hallmark of this event is the coming together of some of the finest pioneers in the restaurant and brewery space in Mumbai to showcase the evolution of the food and beverage industry,” stated Ninad Shah, Founder, Brothers Incorporated according to the report by the Business Insider.

Azhar Morani, Director, Rage Entertainment added that, “In India, the food sector has emerged as a high-growth and high-profit sector and the food festival market has a huge potential. Just like music festivals, food festivals too will reach a high point in the next 5 years. The consumption of food is not just a solitary activity. It is a package deal. The better the overall package, the better the sales. Having food, entertainment, music under one roof is the way forward. Food festivals are about discovery, about trying something you haven’t seen or heard or eaten before and that is something we wish to deliver through a close knit showcase.”


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