THe Coffee Shop

The Pvr Anupam market was one of the favourite hangouts for people in South Delhi, before the existence of the ever buzzing Select City walk. In the rundown landscape of the once prestigious PVR Anupam complex, tucked in a corner is a coffee shop, correction, “The Coffee Shop”. Say hi to The Coffee Shop and its Columbian coffee, Italian delicacies and Himalayan breakfast.
What is a Coffee shop concept to be about? Peace? Bliss? Or a heavenly dive into the brewing coffee aroma? Well The Coffee Shop did manage to give us more than that. A live coffee brewing counter in front of us and a live pizza baking counter working right in front of our eyes is proof enough that this place is heaven!
The Coffee Shop starts its day at 8am and is the perfect place for coffee lovers who want to start their day with a delicious steaming cuppa coffee and some scrumptious bites. Their coffee is freshly brewed out of Columbian coffee beans and lends a heavenly aroma to the entire space. The cafe specialises in Italian food and their menu comprises of pizzas, pastas and an array of delicious starters. They claim to have the freshest vegetables and cheese as toppings. I along with my partner dropped in for a quick lunch before escaping for our movie date!! So we decided to order:
Hazelnut caffe (Rs. 165): a cup of creamy, frothy and perfectly aromatic and balanced coffee with a subtle yet noticeable hint of hazelnut added the perfect nuttiness to this delicious concoction. It was so lovely that I couldn’t help but order another round of the same.


Lemon ginger and honey tea (Rs. 95): this was light, refreshing and was perfect for a wintery afternoon. The honey and ginger added a delicious sweet and spicy flavour respectively.


Arancini (Rs. 265): so arancini is basically risotto filled balls, bread crumbed and fried. These were served with tomato salsa, the outside was crunchy and the inside was cheesy with the risotto cooked al dente. Overall it was a delicious dish.




Pizza mozza (Rs. 365): a thin crusted pizza with buffalo mozzarella, roasted baby plum tomatoes topped with basil and rocket leaves was one delicious preparation dished out by them. It was simple yet pleasant.


The total bill came to Rs. 1375, which I think is very economical and totally worth it. With soothing music, coffee aroma, courteous and friendly staff, addictive coffees and lip-smacking food at pocket friendly prices, The Coffee Shop is a must visit.