Meet The Burger Bomb – An Explosion In Your Mouth, Literally.

The bustling streets of New York City are no strangers to stunt food, and incredible food mashups. From gigantic milkshakes, to election-themed burgers, and the most bizarre sounding concoctions, the have it all! The lastest to jump on this wagon is RawMaterial, with The Burger Bomb. 

This Off the Menu creation by RawMaterial is essentially your average cheeseburger, except there’s a big twist: the top bun is hollowed-out and filled with a house cheese sauce made with aged cheddar cheese, cream, and herbs! Sounds absolutely droolworthy, doesn’t it?

And the bomb burger, like every other out-of-the-box culinary creation has broken the internet and gone viral.
However, in a turn of events, some social media users have diffused the bomb burger by making a repulsive comparison. Brace yourselves. After watching the video, they kindly pointed out that this eruption is also similar to what a pimple does when it is popped. Someone else wrote, “I’m sorry…but that looks like you are popping a huge cyst. Not at all appetizing…ack!”

Now we wonder if your love for cheese is so strong that you would still want to try the burger, or have these comparisons grossed you out too much to even think of the burger bomb? Comment and let us know!