The Bombay Food Truck Will Roll Into Mumbai By The End Of The Month

By the end of this month, a fire engine red food truck, which calls itself the ‘Bombay Food Truck’ will be jauntily rolling into Mumbai.

Helmed by the men behind the popular Andheri bar Please Don’t Tell, Ashish Sajnani and Juspreet Singh Walia, the Bombay Food Truck has already been spotted nestled in Lower Parel’s Kamlaa Mills. The Bombay Food Truck joins the slowly growing group of food trucks in Mumbai that operate with on board kitchens.

What’s For Lunch?

The Bombay Food Truck will be serving gourmet fare with a street twist, with price points ranging between Rs.100 to Rs.200. It will be serving some Mumbai classics like nimbu paani and spin off from the kheema pav as well as sandwiches and hot dogs. “The menu will change constantly, and we can send it over to your office building and cater a food truck lunch,” said Sajnani to the

Licensing Battles

The concept of food trucks in Mumbai’s culinary scene is a fairly new one. This is partially because of the multiple licenses one needs to secure to open one; aside from FDA and the BMC’s approval, one would also need a fire department’s approval and two RTO licenses.

Eat Up!

The Bombay Food Truck has almost cleared all licenses needed and is estimated to open its doors to the hoi polloi by the end of September. It will be dishing out the good stuff in Kamala Mills for a month, and then moving on to its next location. Find out where that is, and when exactly it opens by keeping an eye on their Instagram and Facebook pages.