The Blue Launch Pad Invites Food StartUps To Showcase Their Products In Mumbai

The Blue Launch Pad Invites Food StartUps To Showcase Their Products In Mumbai

Out Of The Blue is a restaurant which has been aiming towards SLO that stands for sustainable, local and organic for their menu. Extending this initiative to food startups who are trying to follow a similar mindset, the restaurant initiated The Blue Launchpad. Herein, startups like Farm2Fam, B Organic India, The Abhinaya Store, Bon Vivant Chocolates, Fresh Roots, Taru Naturals and Yellow Bohemian Organic Coffee were given a chance to showcase their products.

Keeping It Nature Friendly

Paying special attention to nature with sustainability as well as consumption of organic food through local produce, The Blue Launchpad kicked off on 28th March. Not only did the restaurant set up food stalls for the brands to showcase their products, but also used them to create their new menu. We tried the Coffee Cured Duck Breast Prosciutto in which the coffee used was from the Yellow Bohemian Organic Coffee. Fresh Roots provided the Lollo Rosso and Butterhead lettuce for the wrapped meatballs and Taru Naturals’ Black Rice was used to create the pizza crust.

“Doing something so beautiful and unique was thrilling as Out Of The Blue always believed in this and has lived up to its true words- Something’s always happening,” said  Rahul Bajaj, owner of the restaurant. “Launching a new menu in this manner was great. This was first time we got like-minded individuals together on the same page and promoted healthy unique artisanal organic produce along with small time entrepreneurs in the evening with the same intent and energy to embrace our #S.LO. Keeping this in mind I have too started Deli By The Blue, which resonates with the objectives of #S.L.O”.


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