The Black Card Will Allow You Unlimited Happy Hours At Some Of Mumbai’s Best Bars

Let’s face it; we’ve all scheduled our Saturday drinking sessions around happy hours; we arrive at the bar the minute they begin and leave the minute our 1 + 1 drinks end. But, what if we didn’t have to time our drinking sessions? Enter The Black Card .

What’s The Black Card?

It’s as cool as it sounds. The Black Card is a new loyalty program that allows you to avail 1 + 1 offers on drinks all through the day (i.e unlimited Happy Hours) at eight bars in Mumbai until June 15th.


The bars on The Black Card are Tilt All Day, O:H Cha, Old Wild West, Blue Frog, Tonic, The White Owl, The Big Kahuna and Bungalow 9. Blue Frog is a massive crowd favourite, known for its live performances and retro vibe while the fairly new Old Wild West is making a name for itself for its wild west theme and its Mexican eats – read our review here!


The Big Kahuna will delight you with its tikki cocktails while beer aficionados should head to The White Owl for its delicious craft beers.

Get Yourself A Black Card!

The Black card is available for Rs. 750 and applicable on Indian liquor only. If you want to get yourself a card, head over to The Black Card’s website and apply for one of the cards.

Also, head over to their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages for updates.



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