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The Best Dishes to Order at a Colombian Restaurant


Colombia has a diverse and rich gastronomic scene that is characterized by hearty meals. Colombian cuisine tends to consist of a lot of meat and fresh ingredients. 

If you are a foodie and enjoy trying out new recipes, then Colombian cuisine is a must. It brings together culinary traditions from six main regions of the country. It is also influenced by Spanish, Arab, and African food. 

If you are hoping to go to a Colombian restaurant soon, read on to find out what you should to order.

The Best Dishes to Order at a Colombian Restaurant
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Bandeija Paisa

Bandeija Paisa is Colombia’s national dish. This dish is popular with both tourists and Cafeteros. Cafeteros is the nickname for Colombians, deriving from the fact that they are prominently coffee growers. 

Bandeija Paisa is a large food platter that consists of grilled steak, chorizo sausage, and fried pork on a bed of beans and white rice. 

It is served with an egg on top and also comes with fried plantain and sliced avocado. It is ideal for people who like eating just one meal a day.


This is a tasty flatbread made out of cornmeal. It is a basic side-dish that accompanies most meals at Colombian restaurants. 

It is usually eaten with butter and a few sprinkles of shredded hard white cheese. 

A better version of arepa is the Arepa e Huevo which includes eggs.


This is the ideal Colombian meal. It is a huge platter of grilled meats such as beef, chicken, pork and fried plantain. 

What makes this meal more interesting is that you don’t need cutlery. Instead, you will use toothpicks.

Have some fun as you use toothpicks to pick up the huge chunks of meat. After all, the act of eating food is supposed to be enjoyable.


Empanadas are very popular throughout South America. They are stuffed pastries that can either be savory or sweet. Classic Colombian empanadas are stuffed with chicken, beef, or cheese, together with rice and coriander. 

The Colombian empanadas are fried, while Argentinean and Chilean empanadas are baked. 

If you are heading to a Colombian restaurant, look out for this popular delicacy on the menu.


You are likely to find this meal throughout South America. Bunuelos are popular ball-shaped fritters that are often eaten as a snack. 

Colombian Bunuelos is made of white cheese which is fried until it turns golden brown. 

They are so popular that you are likely to find them in every Colombian cafeteria.


This dish is made out of green plantain and is popular throughout Latin America. To make Patacones, you will need to squash the green plantain to make it into thin pancakes. 

The pancakes are then deep fried in vegetable oil until they turn golden brown. 

For best results, eat them while they are still hot.


This is a delicious hot stew comprising of plantain, meat, cassava, coriander, potatoes, and sweetcorn. On the Caribbean coast, they sometimes use fish instead of beef, chicken, and pork. 

The ingredients used to make Sancocho vary according to region of the country. Whichever variation you get, you won’t be disappointed.

The Best Dishes to Order at a Colombian Restaurant
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Last Remark

Colombia is made up of different groups of people who have each contributed to the country’s flavorsome cuisine.

Most of the recipes are influenced by the country’s Arab, Spanish, and African heritage. If you are a meat lover, you will no doubt enjoy Colombian cuisine. Next time you find yourself in a Colombian restaurant, be sure to order one of these delicious dishes from the menu.