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The Best Cuban Sandwich in Florida


When was the last time you had a sandwich? Better yet, when was the last time you had a healthy sandwich? 

The Cuban Sandwich is one of the most nutritious sandwiches that you can have when you’re in Florida. The problem is that there are plenty of restaurants serving them up, so determining the best can be difficult. 

Read on to find the best Cuban Sandwich in Florida.

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The Cuban Sandwich

The Cuban Sandwich is usually packed with mustard, sweet pickles, swiss cheese, and ham, set between two slices of thick crusty bread.

It was created by cafes who were serving Cuban workers in Tampa and Key West. This is where the Cuban immigrant communities were located and where they operated the cigar industry. 

The sandwich is a Floridian twist of a classic Cuban delicacy. 

Best Places to Stop For a Cuban Sandwich

There are a wide variety of options when it comes to finding a Cuban Sandwich in Florida.

It is generally believed that the ones from Tampa and Key West are the best as these two locations is where the whole idea started.

Michelle Faedo’s on the Go

If you’re looking for a sort of ‘certified’ winner, look no further than Michelle Faedo’s in Tampa. This is one of the most followed food trucks in the whole of Florida. 

They have been in the Cuban Sandwich business for many years.

What makes this specific place stand out is that Michelle pays close attention to detail when it comes to this food. It has the Cuban feel, especially with the honey ham and homemade pickles. The bread that is used is La Segunda bread which is crispy. 

At the Cuban Sandwich Festival, this sandwich has been voted the best year after year. You can taste the sandwich for around $10. 

El Meson de Pepe

This joint is found in Key West, one of the rumored places where the Cuban Sandwich originated from. For most purists of the Cuban Sandwich, this is where you can find the right one. 

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This specific joint has been open to the public for 30 years. It is the creation of the famous Chef Pepe Diaz, who was well known for his art in the sandwich. The establishment was opened by the Chef and his family. 

The idea for this establishment was to bring back the originality of the sandwich after a time when it was imagined that the recipe was corrupted. The Chef also looked to bring about the Cuban heritage of the food. 

Being that this is a traditional Cuban Sandwich it consists of sugar-glazed ham, lettuce, tomatoes, and mayo, for a little twist. You can enjoy this delicacy for around $10.

The Floridian

If you’re looking for the ‘Finest Cuban Sandwich on the Planet’, then you need to visit The Floridian in Tampa. Tampa, like Key West, is one of the best places to find a Cuban Sandwich if you are ever on the lookout. 

Here, the pork is a bit mojo-flavored, unlike the others where it’s just plainly and clearly roasted. This adds a different flavor to the whole experience though.

The other things that this sandwich consists of are Swiss cheese, dill pickle, and a mustard and mayo mix.

Now, when it comes to this sandwich, another thing that isn’t considered traditional is the addition of Salami. You can have a bite at this joint from as low as $7.59.

Differences in Cuban Sandwiches

There are a lot of differences in the sandwiches that are served across Florida. For example, in Miami, there’s no addition of Salami in their Cuban Sandwich. 

In Tampa, however, one of the few places that stake a claim to the origin of the Cuban Sandwich, this is a widely practiced option. 

In Key West, there are a number of additions. Here, they add tomatoes, red onions, and lettuce, unlike other places where it’s just the standard recipe. 

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One of the most loved sandwiches in the US today, and especially in Florida, is the Cuban Sandwich. 

This sandwich has its own taste that will leave you begging for more

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