The Beantown Backyard Festival, 2018 Makes an Action Packed Debut in Bengaluru

Zip-lining through the hearts of Bangaloreans, The first edition of The Beantown Backyard saw 30+ artists across the globe, 30+ food trucks, 20+ brews, and multiple outdoor adventures all in one place, Bengaluru’s picturesque backyard, Nandi Hills over the weekend of 27th and 28th October 2018.

In its maiden edition, The Beantown Backyard Festival has surpassed excellence in entertainment and hospitality bringing a new trend to town, our very own Namma Bengaluru. The event took place at Canterbury Castles played host to an eclectic mix of patrons – music aficionados, epicures, beer buffs, adventure junkies and outdoor Joe’s who reveled in the high energy community experiential, an initiative by Eblitz Creations.

Hot-Air Balloons, Musicians, & Brews

A first for Bengaluru, the festival opened its gates at 7:00 am on Saturday and saw beantowners walk-in enthused by the fresh atmosphere and exciting activities that took places across the event venue. Adventure loving patrons flew in with a 500-meter zip-line from the entrance directly to the heart of Beantown’s buzz. Whilst many jumped right into yoga sessions with Buddhist monks, others lounged at recreational areas awaiting their turns to slack-line or para-motor. The hot-air balloon ride was a star attraction offering a bird’s eye view of the entire festival, many beantowners also hiked through the rich foliage of Nandi hills, in all it was fitness filled mornings.

The stages were set in the most magnificent setup. Performances were divided between the Sunrise Stage and Sunset Stage which saw over 30+ Indian and international bands and artists took center stage to entertain and mesmerize. The energy was constant at Beantown with a mix of the most unique artists performing on stage all day. Stirring away from the regular, the schedule of The Beantown Backyard’s artist line-up witnessed a genre shuffle throughout the day, making the scenario high on energy and great music – A constant party.

The Beantown Backyard Festival, 2018 Makes an Action Packed Debut in Bengaluru

In perhaps, what was a first in India – the festival featured UK-based, Queer artist Ms. Mohammed, who is known to have championed the rights of the LGBTQ community, with her mystic music. She enthralled all the beantowners with her music, making instant fans. Day one also witnessed a stellar lineup of artists who seamlessly cut across Indian and International music realms. Performers like Namit Das + Anurag Shanker, Aerate Sound, Pardafash, Malabi Tropical, Ladies Compartment, The Sylvestor Trio, Easy Wanderlings kept the beantowners high on great entertainment and good times. The day saw an electric finale by the internationally celebrated British band, Asian Dub Foundation, who had everyone groove to their globally renowned electronic beats.

Day two showcased award-winning performances like the indie rock band, Thermal and a Quarter, along with Disco Puppet, Blindnight, Maati Bani, Soulmate, Dew Drops, John Ainsworth and more. Nationally celebrated artists like Parvaaz, the contemporary Indian music soft rock band, created waves in the hearts of the crowd with their soulful renditions of music. The main attraction of the event was the multi-talented Indian folk musician Kutle Khan Project, who captivated the crowd as he performed the final piece for the weekend.

The Beantown Backyard Festival, 2018 Makes an Action Packed Debut in Bengaluru

The festival also witnessed a world-class food experience, with 20+ food trucks & restaurant pop-ups along with a curated 20+ specialty brews. Attendees indulged in the aroma of fresh made, well-presented dishes. Beantowners were seen relishing delectable grub from Kart-O-Tize, BBQ Bikes, Great India Bhuukkad, Chaatimes, Le Casse Croute, The Rolling Chef, Crepe Nation, Karam Dosa, S.W.A.T, Ice Cream Buggy among others. The feast also included some scrumptious, healthy options, like Just Protein and juices for the fitness conscious at Beantown. The overall menu at The Beantown Backyard Festival also had highlight dishes specially curated to go along with specialty brews.

The two-day siesta saw beantowners soak in the relaxed vibe, lounging through the day, some even playing with their pets and families at the recreational space. Others took their time reveling in unique experiences like the yoga sessions with Buddhist monks, hot air balloon sunset rides, Para-motoring, slack-lining, and camping outdoors. As the name suggests, the festival draws inspiration from the legend of how Bengaluru got its name. Over the two days, the first edition of The Beantown Backyard Festival won over the sentiments of Bengalureans looking for unique experiences, taking back to the nostalgic times of good times and leisure.

Ecstatic about the overwhelming response at its maiden edition, Mr. Kabir Ahmed, Festival Director of The Beantown Backyard Festival said, “Our people got the well-deserved break they deserve, from the traffic, hectic lifestyles, gag orders, and live music bans. Over the past few years, Bengaluru has exploded into a big busy city, carving a contemporary & cosmopolitan imagery of itself while somehow retaining its old charm. It’s this old charm, the nostalgia of it all, that we all romanticize & yearn for. The Beantown Backyard Festival was born out of this nostalgia. At the festival, we could see thousands of attendees really just celebrate those simpler days, of good times – when people bonded in wide open spaces, under the shade of trees, over music, conversations, good food, and fresh brews. We created this unique property and served experiences that the city loved, in its own backyard. We look forward to seeing many more faces in the years to come.”

The Beantown Backyard Festival, 2018 Makes an Action Packed Debut in Bengaluru

Mr. Mirza L Baig, Co-Founder of Eblitz Creations also ecstatically added, “After nearly two decades of custom-making events for our esteemed clients, we have evolved as a company & are exploring new frontiers. Our complete focus was on launching our maiden big ticket Intellectual Property. With the inception of The Beantown Backyard Festival, our aim is to create holistic experiences, soulful escapades and memorable weekends filled with myriad choices of everything they love – great brews, good food and entertainment that elevate the experience to a new level. As the event drew to a close, our vision has transformed into a reality. Thank you for filling Beantown’s backyard with your enthusiasm and love!”

The Beantown Backyard Festival bid adieu to the city and ended this maiden edition with German musician Dunklebunt known for his unique genre – Worldbeat. Excited to play for in India at The Beantown Backyard Festival, Dunklebunt took the night to an unparalleled musical high with the introduction of this new genre to Indian audiences. Some of the songs on his Beantown list included his hit singles, Egal, Cinnamom girl and, Schlawiener.