The Baking Infographic You Need Just In Time For The Holiday Season


I have a friend who methodically bakes about a hundred batches of cookies each year during the holiday season for family, friends and colleagues. Even when she’s working with such large numbers, her cookies are all uniformly shaped, sized and – most importantly – delicious. When people praise her for her baking skills, she smiles modestly and says that all it takes is following precise recipes and directions.

Of course, we’re all convinced that talent plays a fair role in her delicious cookies too. However, when it comes to baking, measuring is even more important than in cooking. Add too much flour and your cookies will be tasteless and doughy. Add too little and they may just crumble in the oven. The same goes for other ingredients like milk, sugar, eggs and fillings. That’s why we were thrilled when we came across Food Network’s handy infographic about measuring do’s and don’ts while baking. We’re going to print out a copy of this and stick it above our ovens to look at while we bake our Christmas cakes and cookies. Will it be as helpful for you?


Now that you’ve got your basics down, why not try out some cookie recipes? We’ll share a collection of our favourite recipes closer to Christmas, buy why not start with these delicious treats?