The Awkward Yeti Explores Which Organs Are Responsible For Our Constant Hunger Pangs In These Hilarious Illustrations!

A few days ago, we shared a hilarious sketch from The Awkward Yeti with you that illustrated how our organs deal with holiday feasting. After that, we couldn’t resist spending a couple more minutes (or hours) trolling The Awkward Yeti’s page on Facebook to see how else he managed to depict our organs’ relationship with food. We’ve put together a few of our favourite sketches; prepare to fall to the floor laughing.

The Awkward Yeti seems to think the tongue is to blame for a lot of our gluttony. It’s a crafty, devious character that has no sympathy for the rest of the body.

Tongue1We can totally understand how the tongue manipulated the naive heart! 

Tongue2The tongue does not give a flying hoot about the frozen brain or the heaving stomach.

The tongue does have a weakness; the beauty that is pizza.

Tongue5Okay, now we’re scared. Is this really what our tongue thinks?

According to The Awkward Yeti, we don’t just eat because we’re giving into our tongue’s tyranny. Other organs also conspire to make sure we’re always hungry.

Sometimes, the heart is to blame.


And sometimes, it’s the stomach that’s the threatening party.
In the world of The Awkward Yeti then, a whole bunch of our organs are responsible for our perpetual need to eat. Meanwhile the liver (and we’re sure our intestines) are like:


Doesn’t seeing illustrations help you understand your constant cravings better? Now if only there was something we could do about them…