The Awkward Yeti Captures Your Organs’ Reactions To Holiday Gluttony In One Hilarious Comic

As we all know, the holiday season is a time to indulge in as much food, alcohol and pure laziness as we want. After all, we’ve worked hard all year and we deserve to give in to gluttony, right? We feel you. However, while your tongue and taste buds will probably be in seventh heaven during the whole holiday season, your other organs will not be too pleased. Your intestines will be angry at the amount of overtime work they have to put in. Your liver will probably be groaning as it tries to process the tides of alcohol you’re happily drinking. Your stomach will have to quickly expand itself. In short, your organs will not be too pleased with you. The Awkward Yeti, who we’re sure needs no introduction, captures the organs’ sentiments during the holiday season perfectly in one of his latest sketches:

Hilarious, no? While the tongue comes armed with seasonings, a fork that seems bigger than itself and a look of greedy determination on its face, the stomach cowers behind the angry intestine. However, as The Awkward Yeti comments “this is the kind of battle I’m okay with.” Commenters on the comic agree.

Meanwhile, others have come up with even more arsenal that the tongue could be carrying:


If you’re missing seeing the liver in a huff too, you could buy one of The Awkward Yeti mugs that depicts an angry liver:

Or, you could buy a mug with an angry ominous intestine that foreshadows the amount of trouble you’re going to have:

Hilarious as they are, allow the deeper meaning of these comics to seep into your heads. Be kind to your body this season and your organs will be kind to you! On the other hand, if you can’t resist indulging beware of those angry intestines…