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The Asian Artistry- Kintsugi Art & Matcha Cupcake Workshop


Key Takeaways: 

·         Delve into the Japanese mending art of ‘Kintsugi

·         Restore your broken ceramic objects to an even more breathtaking beauty.

·         Explore and trace how the art of ‘Kintsugi’ is relevant in our lives.

·         Learn the recipe to baking authentic ‘Matcha’ Cupcakes.

·         Discover frosting recipes and techniques, ways to decorate your Matcha cupcake and what more you can add to it


·         Experience a little of Japan and how it takes virtue in its culture of signifying bonds whether it means putting together a broken piece of pottery or decorating cupcakes together! Read on to know more.

·         Art reflects life. The art of embracing the broken and damaged is quite poetically manifested in the Japanese mending art of Kintsugi. In this one of a kind Vajor Artistry Experience, we’ll take you through the art of Kintsugi (KIN meaning ‘Golden’ and TSUGI meaning ‘Joinery’) – an art that is all about revival, popularly where you fix a broken object of pottery with a mix of lacquer dusted or gold powder.

·         Explore how this art seeps into our lives as we remember to embrace our imperfections, just as we appreciate the crevices on the object in front of us.

·         We will provide you with broken ceramic pottery to create your magical restoration over. Or if you have a prized possession at home that is broken, feel free to get it along and watch it come back to life by your own hands!

·         The Kintsugi practice, in fact, gained popularity when it was discovered that often the broken pieces mended with the art turned out to be even more beautiful than the originals. Immerse yourself in an introspective experience about a serene art form, life and their fusion. 

·         And while that’s not it, this experience has more to offer. Lose yourself in the art of decorating ‘Matcha’ (a finely ground green tea powder) Cupcakes. Get to know the recipe as the artist will demonstrate decorating the cupcakes with the Matcha frosting, some tweaks to the recipe by adding mint & chocolate along with tips and tricks to make your Matcha cupcakes the best in town!

·         P.S. Because this is a beginners workshop, we’ll be using a mixture of copper and brass instead of gold. Nevertheless the results will be breathtaking!

When: Saturday, 026th July 2019

Where: Kunzum Travel Cafe, Gurugram, Sector 47, Gurugram

Inclusions: All activities listed, a broken ceramic object to work on, tea and delicious nibbles and your self-decorated cupcake to relish

Slot 1: 11:00 AM to 02:00 PM
Slot 2: 04:00 PM to 07:00 PM 

Participation Fees: 3000/- per person

Contact: 011-40870531

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