The Art Cafe Launches Its First Installation – The Face

Sheraton Grand Bangalore at Brigade Gateway in association with Tangerine Art Space is pleased to announce The Face, a group exhibition of paintings and sculptures.

The Face is the inaugural exhibition signalling a new-fangled partnership between the Brigade group and Tangerine Art Space. The show is curated by Giridhar Khasnis and presents a host of exceptional artworks by some of the most eminent artists from across the country.

There are faces and faces all around us. We encounter them (including our own) all our lives. There are happy faces, sad faces, expressive faces, impassive faces, baby faces, adult faces, beautiful faces, exotic faces.

Every face is unique, and holds a distinction. It is much more than what it appears to be; it reveals many aspects of the character of the person as well.

Like everything else in life, the face is not a constant. It changes continually, sometimes drastically, revealing the evolving contours of the physical person as well as his/her personality and condition.

The artists in this show have masterfully grasped the nuances and importance of a face and also the meaningful moment it is situated in. Their fascinating interest combined with a celebration of the underlying human character is bound to enthuse the viewer as well.

Participating Artists:

Jamini Roy | Badrinarayan | Manjit Bawa | Himmat Shah | S G Vasudev |
Manu Parekh | K T Shivaprasad | Ravinder Reddy | Gayatri Gomuz |
Priti Vadakkath | Ved Prakash | G Reghu | Venkat Botsa | Sunil Padwal |
Riyaz Komu | Vivek Vilasini | T M Azis | Parag Sonarghare | Sharanu Alloli

Venue: Art Café by Tangerine, The Only Sky Bridge Art Café in Bangalore,
Sheraton Grand Bangalore Hotel at Brigade Gateway

Date: August 31st – October 14th, 2018

Timings: Monday–Sunday 12.00 PM –9.00PM


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